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News from the Coop

I am fortunate to live on acreage that, along with other animals, allows us to keep chickens. Our initial flock of 4-5 laying hens has transformed into 25-30 chickens ranging from tiny, colourful hens adorned with pom-poms to a huge white rooster...


While studying Professional Writing and Editing I had articles published in the The Age, Fandango and had a regular Column in The Richmond Times. Most of these pieces were entertaining rather than informative. These are some of my favourite funny stories written since completing my...


Life Recordings | Love, Lessons, Laughter

Allow people to record their life in a way that they are proud of and want to share. To show people for who they as well as what they do or did. Life Recordings does this by producing a record of people’s lives that they and their family appreciate and cherish.

Life Recordings helps connect every person who has their stories recorded with their family and friends.

Respect / Empathy / Attention / Honesty / Curiosity


Stuart Zurrer