Life Recordings

Life Recordings fills a lot of my goals for an ideal life. I have real conversations learning how people approach their life, and I get paid to write.

I developed the idea for Life Recordings while listening to Wil Anderson's podcasts Wilosophy. A lot of the questions that I ask in Life Recordings Wil uses on his podcast. I find it more interesting to hear about how people approach their life and why, rather than simply compiling a list of people’s accomplishments.

Life Recordings is a well-received service, especially for people later in their life. The service I offer gives insight to the subject for friends and family.

My target audience is people aged 55 years and older but I have also received positive feedback from younger people.

I edit the conversations in a way that doesn't change the person's voice. I present their words in a way that is honest, clear and easy to read.

I am a qualified writer. I enjoyed the two years of studying professional writing and editing at Box Hill TAFE completing an Arts Diploma. I have had articles published in The Age, as well as regular columns in The Richmond Times and The Star in Leongatha. Editing was one of my favorite subjects as a student and I am grateful now to be editing interviews for Life Recordings. I’ve also completed a number of courses with The Australian Writers Centre including a course on profiling.

Life Recordings interviews people asking them about their approach to life. The interview is a philosophical conversation as well as a brief timeline of events. This conversation is then edited to produce a small book, including photos, professionally designed and printed locally.


An interview of this nature is an interesting experience. Stuart was gentle in his questions, but very specific. I found it revealing, to me, as well as I’m sure it will be for my children. I have often wondered, as I grow older, just how I’ve impacted the people I love, and what lasting impression I may leave. Reading over the end result of the interview has given me great comfort, for which I am very grateful.
- Angela

I’ve found both the experience of being interviewed, and the end result very rewarding. The gentle process of questioning revealed unexpected and comforting results. Thank you Stuart, I’m sure my children will have a smile or two, and no doubt a few tears as well. Good luck with your venture.
- Marie

As I am now retired, I’ve wondered what sort of impact I have had on the people I love. The process of this interview with Stuart has been enlightening. I’m looking forward to seeing my children’s reaction when they have their copy. I hope they will be as delighted as I am. Good luck with your future clients, I’m sure they will enjoy the process.
- Julie

Thank you for a very insightful look at my life Stuart. With the right questions, it was surprisingly easy to see myself as I’ve never thought possible. Very clever! It was a deeply cathartic experience. Very happy with the results, and I’m sure it will be something my children will value. I am happy to recommend
- Lauren

It's interesting what you're doing. What are you referring to this as, biography? To me, I can see the biography side but this was almost a psychologist questionnaire session. I found being able to talk openly about my life in this sense quite relieving actually.
- Hal


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Word document and Copy of Recording
Usually $800 - Only $400

  • 1-2hr interview
  • 4000 word (app) edited copy of the interview and the audio

Standard Package:
Usually $1500 - Only $750

  • 1-2hr interview
  • 10 copies of the 4000 word (app) edited copy of the interview presented in a 20 page book professionally printed locally with around 10 photos
  • Digital copies of the voice recording and the original transcript
  • More copies of the book available on request for an additional charge

Extended Interview:
Usually $3000 - Only $1500

  • Two 1.5hr interviews with an extended focus of life events
  • Up to 4 phone calls to friends and family for additional quotes
  • 10 copies of a 40-50 page book with up to 30 photos
  • Digital copies of the voice recording and the original transcript
  • More copies of the book available on request for an additional charge

Life Recordings | Love, Lessons, Laughter

Allow people to record their life in a way that they are proud of and want to share. To show people for who they as well as what they do or did. Life Recordings does this by producing a record of people’s lives that they and their family appreciate and cherish.

Life Recordings helps connect every person who has their stories recorded with their family and friends.

Respect / Empathy / Attention / Honesty / Curiosity


Stuart Zurrer