While studying Professional Writing and Editing I had articles published in the The Age, Fandango and had a regular column in The Richmond Times. Most of these pieces were entertaining rather than informative.

These are some of my favourite funny stories written since completing my Diploma. The stories pose questions ranging from, “Is crossing the road funny?” to, “Are geckos chewy?”

Some Like it Hot

Yeah, I pay for it. And yeah, I know that I can get it at home for free. But it’s not all about the money. Anticipation. Better than the deed, better than the memory, the moment of anticipation. I drive past lesser establishments. I know where I’m going. I’ve been […]

Bubble’s Babies

Bubbles arrived into our lives in the usual way: from the pet shop. When there’s a cage full of small, furry critters scampering around in a blur of colour and cuteness it is initially over-whelming. Then it happens, one grabs your attention, it stops when the rest keep scurrying and […]

Dinner Conversation

I met my future dinner yesterday. I looked him directly in the eye; and he looked back. There seemed to be sadness in those black, wet eyes. As gentle eyelashes fell across large pupils a shroud fell across my innocence. He knew. But what was really troubling me was the […]

Let it Rain

We all turn into Henny Penny at the first drop of rain. We bow our heads and run for shelter as the sky begins to crumble and fall. The sky appears to be made of water and may again shatter and fall completely as it did once before on Noah. […]

Sniff Street

Someone in another room blew his nose. Loudly. A real goose-honk. It startled me. I know what had happened but the volume shook me out of the thoughts I was in, my eyebrows went all the way up and I gave a little sniff. He then went for a second, […]

Stillness fills the paddock

I look around me and feel calm and a growing anticipation. My heart is racing now, but the beat is steady and sure. A new force is about to enter this peaceful place and I am a willing participant. My eyes focus on the dismembered limb and I soak up […]

Stupid Zucchini

I had to sign into a building using a tablet. Pretty routine technology with the obvious fields like purpose of visit, mobile number and of course my name. I typed the first three letters of my given name and the Auto-Fill came up with the suggestion: STUPID. Rough! I hadn’t […]


I used to assemble flat pack furniture. It is simple work and at times repetitive. When left to concentrate on each assembly I found it meditative. Flat pack assembly requires no tertiary training or qualifications. The instructions come in the box along with Allen keys and online help is only […]


The mynah birds were at it again. One minute they’re fighting each other and the next they’re ganging up on other birds. This time it was parrot. Not one of the many Rainbow Lorikeets or Eastern Rosellas, this was a bright green parrot. We have a pair of King Parrots […]

Life Recordings | Love, Lessons, Laughter

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