Why Hip Hop? I grew up in the 90’s! While the radio played dance floor fillers that I still love today, I also discovered songs that made me nod my head to both the beat and the message.

I heard somewhere that rap music began in the pulpit. The strong messages the church was putting in to the community through the preacher’s weekly sermon was also being told from the street corners. The blend of spoken word with rhythm and rhyme accompanied by beats without instruments spread from the streets to house parties to recording studios. The message in hip hop music today often feels like “mo’ money, mo’ money” and what De La Soul call R’n’B – Rappin’ Bullshit! But sometimes these talented artists combine the sound I love with positive messages, full of lessons and experience, that can help every one, every day, to live a better life – which is the origin and real purpose of philosophy.

We only get one go round the merry-go-round of life. Many people have spent big parts of their life trying to find meaning, purpose, and the origins of life and beyond. I have read books, listened to recordings and podcasts, studied and talked to people trying to understand and absorb as many of these ideas as I can. I haven’t yet found a single philosophy or set of religious beliefs that I can accept as a whole but have found great comfort in ideas and advice within different philosophies.

I like the idea that we continue to grow and learn our whole life. I believe that people can change, and should change if they are shown new ideas that resonate with them. Who we are today is not who we were yesterday and who we will be tomorrow. Not one of us can step in the same river twice. We should be ready for change and ready to embrace the possibilities that come with it.


I am the, Hip-hopolosopher
I extrapolate and decipher
Lyrics of these rappers
Trying to make a map to

Understand decisions of the past
All the breadcrumbs that have passed
For choices, though unconscious
Now strong values help to conquer

And, give a stage for my brain
‘Cause no cage can restrain
All the questions up in here
With no answers that are clear

Philosophy, a love of knowledge
But when the founder knows nothing
What’s to gain from all this talking?
To plant seeds and grow, something

That can make a life fertile
Ideas change minds, change people
No need to take a knee, it’s all too simple
To heed only the rules, laid out, by the steeple

Lessons learned moved the pens
Of these MC’s and when
Powerful words flow over beats
My head nods, “Yes. Preach!”


“PAIN” – De La Soul, feat. Snoop Dogg (no lyrics)

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“BREATHE” – Hilltop Hoods (no lyrics)

“I believe that if I had taken on these good ideas earlier in my life I would have been more successful.” It is natural to want to fit in with a group. To belong to […]

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“LIVE IT UP” – 360 feat. PEZ (no lyrics)

“These responses to song lyrics are my attempt to pass on some road signs that might be helpful as you try and navigate your way through life.” I have wonderful memories of singing this song […]

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Life Recordings | Love, Lessons, Laughter

Allow people to record their life in a way that they are proud of and want to share. To show people for who they as well as what they do or did. Life Recordings does this by producing a record of people’s lives that they and their family appreciate and cherish.

Life Recordings helps connect every person who has their stories recorded with their family and friends.

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Stuart Zurrer